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Wordsearch Roulette

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Wordsearch roulette is a wordsearch game with a unique twist, the board rotates 90 degrees every couple of seconds! In addition to that each wordsearch puzzle with change in size as you progress through the categories, you will encounter big wordsearches where there are many words that make up the wordsearch or you will encounter smaller wordsearches where there are less words in the wordsearch. On top of all of that, the number of words you will have to find will change as well, so you will encounter wordsearches where you have to find 4 words and even wordsearches where you will have to find 12 words and everything else in between. If your looking for a puzzle game that has variety and keeps you guessing then this is the game for you! Can you find all of the hidden words before time runs out? Enjoy playing this game here at!

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