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HUE Trials - Bacteria Adventure

4,017 बार खेला गया

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Medium rating
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Play adventure as a bacteria and solve puzzles to cure the world of a deadly parasite. Jump, swap, and flip through challenging levels while discovering new colors along the way. Try the Infinity mode for some endless fun, or make your own levels in the Create mode and share them. It may seem simple at first, but just wait until you run into more colors! Enjoy playing this game here at!

Have fun in whatever mode you want:

Bacteria Adventure Mode: A scientist looks for redemption in his most recent attempt at a cure. Jump into the various trials and stages of testing as the bacteria itself. Overcome challenging levels and puzzles.

Infinity Mode: Chase your high score in the Infinity Mode. Jump between randomly generated platforms as the bacteria.

Create Mode: Make your own fun and adventure with Create Mode. Build custom levels by placing some of the many pieces. Jump into levels from others by pasting their map's data.

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