रेस्टोरेन्ट गेम्स

Y8.com पर रेस्टोरेन्ट गेम्स खेलें। जिस तरह के बॉस आप हैं उस तरह अपना रेस्टोरेन्ट चलाएं और दिन में बहुत सी टिप्स कमाएं। Y8 की रेस्टोरेन्ट गेम कैटेगरी में गेम्स जैसे कि पापाज़ बरगेरिया और पैंगविन डिनर आपकी पहली पसंद हैं।
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Restaurant Games

These cooking games are part of the simulation game subgenre where the player can start a restaurant or food cart. The goal is to prepare food and serve customers to earn money. Purchase upgrades for your restaurant to grow the number of customers. A virtual pizza shop is never as spontaneous as a real one, it is rewarding to make pizzas and other food items while learning about the business elements. This subgenre of restaurant games was popularized by an older Flash game titled Hot Dog Bush. However, there are now many HTML5 games where managing a restaurant is possible.

Top Restaurant Games

Cinema Panic 2
Food Tycoon