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Guardian of the Planet

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मानव सत्यापन

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Guardian of the Planet is an exciting retro defense type shooter game where the main goal is to defend the planet from intruders coming from all sides. Defeat as many enemies as you can and aim for the high score. Enemies will attack the planet in many ways so shoot and defeat them. The planet has limited life and when it goes to zero, its game over. The player itself will not be damaged or deducted even if it comes into contact with the enemy, so attack the enemies for as long as you want. When you defeat an enemy, you will get an experience value called Exp, so don't forget to collect it. The player has a timed special weapon called "Ex Change" that can be activated by collecting Exp. Exp100 = 1 second, so if it is less than that, it cannot be activated. Have fun and enjoy playing Guardian of the Planet game here at!

Characteristics of the enemy
1.) Skeleton - HP can be reduced just by walking on the planet, so it's not strong, but let's defeat it early!

2.) Missile - It rushes straight toward the planet, and if you do not destroy it before that, it will cause great damage!

3) Bomb Devil - Explodes after a certain period of time after landing on the planet! Be careful as the probability of appearance is high and the HP is relatively high!

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