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Gem Gem!

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Gem Gem! is an action packed omnidirectional shooter game that collects jewels while dodging and shooting enemies. Pick up the gems dropped from dead enemies. Shoot them up when they hover on an area as group for multiple killings. The more gems you pick up the more the enemy spawns their kind. You get +10 for small gem and +200 for large gem. Depending on the number of enemies appearing in the field, the pattern of gems dropped by the enemies will change. 25 or less small gems 1, 26 to 50 small gems 10, 51 to 75 small gems 10 & large gems 1, 76 or more large gems 5. Enjoy playing Gem Gem action shooting game here at!

श्रेणी: शूटिंग
इस तिथि को जोड़ा गया 14 Nov 2020