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गेम कंट्रोल्स
  • Move
    Aim/Look around
    Switch weapons

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नमस्ते! क्या आपको पता था कि एक Y8 फोरम है?
गेम्स के बारे में बात करने वाले अन्य खिलाड़ियों से जुड़ें। Y8 फोरम पर जाएं

Intro: In a world overtaken by machines, there is but one man who will challenge the destroyer of humanity; Hugh Mahn.

Instructions: Take control of our hero, Hugh Mahn, as he attempts to go back in time and stop the creation of the weapons of war used by the robotic overlords and face their most powerful termin… I mean assassin, Armless Arnold!

Mechanic: everytime you complete a level you will gain the ability to go back in time and remove a weapon from the robot war machines and start the conflict over. But be careful, removing the weapon from time will also remove it from your own arsenal! The only way to defeat Arnold is to strip time of every weapon made by the robots. Only once you start with nothing can you truly finish your journey and save humanity from the machine menace.

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