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Success धन्यवाद, आपका वोट दर्ज किया गया था और जल्द ही दिखाया जाएगा।
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Su lives up to his reputation as a ‘boorish inventor’, he likes meditating and researching things in his studio.To successful research and develop his plane has been his dream.However,he burned up his eyebrow by accident in a failing trial flight,but he thought it was a fun.In the small size of the studio,besides various components,another part is his designed things.His inventions have a strong sense of the original machinery sensitivity because he is a blacksmith.Su likes subscribing all kinds of science-technology magazines,so he invented the rotary bookcase about 20 years ago for himself to take full advantage of the space to store the books.And the mechanical elephant was inspired by the wood ox which was made by Zhuge Liang in Romance of the Three Kingdoms,and this was the gift that Su made for his birthday.

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