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वीडियो का विवरण:

The premise was to adapt a verse of the poem "Kalender 1913" by Erich Mühsam. I chose December.
This verse highlights the differences between rich and poor as well as the ungratefulness of the rich for the things they have. I noticed that the topic of the verse is still relevant because, basically, nothing has changed apart from the fact that today the poor (working class) kids don't reside in Germany anymore but are child workers in Asia.
Because of that, I chose to have Asian children assemble toys in a factory. One of the children gets sad because it has to assemble toys, and because it has to assemble toys and can't afford to have any of them. The rich girl gets one of these toys but is ungrateful because it is not the one she wanted. Enraged, she hurls the toy away.
The drawings of people were done in photoshop, while aquarelle was used for the backgrounds. The editing was done in Premiere.
The verse "December" goes like this:
Nun teilt der gute Nikolaus
die schönen Weihnachtsgaben aus.
Das arme Kind hat sie gemacht,
dem Reichen werden sie gebracht.
Santa is handing out the pretty christmas presents. The rich children are the ones receiving them, while the poor children are the ones who made the presents in the first place.

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