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Hack and Slash Games

Hack and slash is a genre of computer games where the main attention is the battle of many enemies in close and ranged combat using weapons and magic. The scene is often set in dungeons that offer many rooms and levels to explore. Often the goal is to collect drops after creatures have died in battle. In-game currency lets players purchase new weapons to continue battling. Initially, the name carried over from pen and paper RPG games, in particular Dungeons & Dragons. The term came to computer games from early text-based RPG games that featured random fights. The subgenre was made popular by the now-famous Blizzard Entertainment game series Diablo with the first release in 1997.

As the main mechanic of this genre is the battle, it may seem boring to an onlooker to watch as monsters hack and slash at each other. However, exploring dungeons and clearing them of monsters to collect rewards provides an addictive gameplay that affords many quests and possibility for other elements. These types of games usually offer many options to advance the player's abilities and skills. These types of games offer many more items with differing rarity to find and use.

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